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A Look at Biden’s and Harris’s Scary Gun Control Agenda

Why do we need gun con­trol if we could just catch the bul­lets like this?

If you sup­port 2nd Amend­ment rights, you might be encour­aged to see Pres­i­dent Biden and a Demo­c­ra­t­ic Con­gress haven’t done much when it comes to gun con­trol: The House passed a tooth­less, virtue-sig­nal­ing back­ground check expan­sion requir­ing back­ground checks for pri­vate gun trans­fers, but that’s it. It has­n’t made it through the Sen­ate yet and it’s impos­si­ble to enforce.

But the gun-con­trol poli­cies Biden cam­paigned on tell a dif­fer­ent sto­ry. Biden’s gun con­trol agen­da is exten­sive and scary:

  • Rein­state the 1994 “assault rifle” and high-capac­i­ty mag­a­zines ban
  • Ban the man­u­fac­ture and sale of “assault rifles” and high-capac­i­ty magazines
  • Ban the import of assault weapons
  • Expand the Nation­al Firearms Act to include assault weapons, which will require assault weapon own­ers to reg­is­ter the rifles with ATF and pay a hefty annu­al tax/stamp fee
  • Ban online sales of ammu­ni­tion, mag­a­zines, and oth­er relat­ed purchases
  • Extend the “Charleston Loop­hole” —that is, the time allot­ted for the FBI to com­plete a back­ground check—from 3 days to 10 busi­ness days
  • Kill the Pro­tec­tion of Law­ful Com­merce in Arms Act, which pro­tects man­u­fac­tur­ers from friv­o­lous lawsuits
  • Give states grants to require indi­vid­u­als to apply for and pur­chase a license before pur­chas­ing a gun
  • Move toward requir­ing “smart guns” for all firearms: Guns with bio­met­ric scan­ners or oth­er tools to lock the gun and make it inoperable
  • Noti­fy local  law enforce­ment when some­one fails a back­ground check
  • Lim­it gun or ammu­ni­tion sales to once per month

There’s more, lots more. Cam­paign promis­es and agen­das tend to be for­got­ten once the can­di­date is in office, but if Biden and Har­ris try to ram through even a frac­tion of this stuff it will be dis­as­trous for law-abid­ing cit­i­zens and manufacturers.

Read Biden’s gun-con­trol agenda.

Duncan Coltrane

Duncan Coltrane is our resident expert on all things that go bang. Duncan's an enthusiastic 2nd Amendment advocate, but he also supports gun control (by using both hands) and background checks (carefully check the background behind your target: You don't want to get blood on your carpet or your nice new sofa).
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