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BLM Encounters a Real Live Good Guy With a Gun

Aren’t these Good Guys With Guns ever going to real­ize they don’t exist?

A BLM/Antifa mob showed up at a Louisville restau­rant to con­front patrons. Why? Accord­ing to com­ments, maybe some­thing to do with the Ken­tucky Der­by? It’s not clear.

But who cares? Let’s get the protest/riot under­way; we’ll fig­ure out why some oth­er time. I spot­ted at least two armed pro­test­ers in the video. Rock and roll.

The restau­rant patrons, though, decid­ed they did­n’t want a riot with their meal and said so. Looks as if most of the patrons who scared off the riot­ers were Hon­est-to-AARP old farts, at least one of whom was also a Good Guy With a Gun.

Hon­or­able men­tion: The restau­rant employ­ee who got right in the pro­test­ers’ faces and told them to go pre­tend to be scary some­where else. I say we bestow upon her an hon­orary Old Fart diploma.

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The BLM riot­er-wannabes sud­den­ly real­ized they weren’t in Port­land; there was no sym­pa­thet­ic may­or or gov­er­nor to order police to stand down. So they got smart and left.

Nev­er bring a BLM riot to an Old Fart fight.

Duncan Coltrane

Duncan Coltrane is our resident expert on all things that go bang. Duncan's an enthusiastic 2nd Amendment advocate, but he also supports gun control (by using both hands) and background checks (carefully check the background behind your target: You don't want to get blood on your carpet or your nice new sofa).
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