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The Crap That Used to Be Aunt Jemima

When the Can­cel Cul­tur­ists went after Aunt Jemi­ma, Quak­er Oats did­n’t shy away from their civic duty to cor­rect a grave, egre­gious cor­po­rate sin: They obe­di­ent­ly unper­soned Aunt Jemi­ma, and all was well.

Until they replaced her with Cap’n Crunch.

Aunt Jemi­ma syrup and pan­cake mix were pop­u­lar because they tast­ed good, not because racist Amer­i­cans like slavery.

But chang­ing the brand’s name was­n’t enough. They also changed the pan­cake mix and syrup into pan­cakes that taste like sug­ary break­fast cere­al and syrup that tastes like Crunch­ber­ries and looks like Windex.

Rather than expung­ing the Aunt Jemi­ma brand from mem­o­ry, they’ve ensured no one will ever for­get it, giv­en that the brand will for­ev­er be known as “The crap that used to be Aunt Jemima.”

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