Editorial Policy/Corrections

Our Mission:

Stu­pid Pol­i­tics exists to pro­vide humor: We believe there is humor to be found in almost any news. To that end, we don’t pre­tend we’re a news agency or that we’re unbi­ased. We pro­duce op/eds, not news.

Our favorite tools are humor, irony, satire and good old-fash­ioned snark. Nev­er­the­less, we strive for accu­ra­cy and qual­i­ty. We offer com­men­tary and opin­ions about the news of the day. You might dis­agree with, or be offend­ed by, our opin­ions and view­points. That’s okay. No doubt some­one else out there would be offend­ed by your opin­ions or view­points too. Wel­come to free speech, where peo­ple you don’t like and say things you don’t like have the same rights as you!

At the end of the day, how­ev­er, we want to tell the truth:

  • We pro­duce edi­to­ri­als and opin­ions, not fic­tion.
  • We might, for instance, make fun of a politi­cian for say­ing or doing some­thing we con­sid­er stu­pid, but we’ll accu­rate­ly quote the politi­cian.
  • We might use irony or satire, but we’ll make it clear we’re doing so.


We’re not per­fect: Soon­er or lat­er every­one mis­spells a name, or gets a date or loca­tion wrong, or presents info from anoth­er source that turns out to be inac­cu­rate.

When this hap­pens, we cor­rect the mis­in­for­ma­tion and add a cor­rec­tion notice in the arti­cle in ques­tion.

If you spot a typo or inac­cu­ra­cy, use the Con­tact page to tell us and we’ll fix it.

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Privacy Policy:

Pri­va­cy poli­cies are bor­ing, but they’re impor­tant and we got­ta have one. If you’re bat­tling insom­nia, check out our Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy page to get a good nights’ sleep.

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