Leftist Gun Logic

Introducing the New Fully Semi Automatic AR-15!

I’m not an expert, but I think “ful­ly semi-auto­mat­ic” means it’s like all the way semi-auto­mat­ic, so you have to push the clutch some­times, like if you want to back up, but if it’s a “semi-full auto­mat­ic” it’s like ALL the way auto­mat­ic but not till you shoot a bul­let so it’s not full, ’cause when it’s full it’s too dan­ger­ous to be auto­mat­ic. Safe­ty first!

Duncan Coltrane

Duncan Coltrane is our resident expert on all things that go bang. Duncan's an enthusiastic 2nd Amendment advocate, but he also supports gun control (by using both hands) and background checks (carefully check the background behind your target: You don't want to get blood on your carpet or your nice new sofa).
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