Like the Little Head-on-Fire Guy? Support the Artist!

I sub­mit that stu­pid pol­i­tics burn even hot­ter.

The Head-on-Fire Guy in our head­er was cre­at­ed by a DeviantArt artist called Plog­nark.

I love Plog­nark’s art, by the way. But Head-on-Fire Guy is a spe­cial case: It went viral, so viral that Plog­nark is hap­py to let peo­ple use it for free, as long as they cred­it it with a link to Plog­nark’s DeviantArt page and/or the Cafe­Press shop, where you can buy your very own The Stu­pid, It Burns T‑shirt. Here’s what Plog­nark had to say:

“This is a quick sketch I did a while back when I was feel­ing real­ly god damn aggra­vat­ed one day. I threw it up on my blog, and shared it with a few peo­ple I know on forums, and it sort of took off from there.

“Peo­ple kept beg­ging me to set up a cafe­press shop for it, so I did!

“Any­way, if you want to buy a shirt of this, it’s right here: [link]

“I’ve got a cre­ative com­mons license on it, so feel free to use it in your own blogs or what­ev­er, but it would be wicked cool if you could just throw a link up to my site ([link]) and/or the cafe­press store where you use it.”

You got it, Plog­nark. Keep up the good work!

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