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Shooting Each Other Is Fine As Long As You Maintain Social Distancing

Some­one opened fire dur­ing a par­ty in Chica­go, killing two and wound­ing 13. Police have no sus­pect yet, and they don’t know what moti­vat­ed the shooter.

But Chica­go Police Super­in­ten­dent David Brown seemed a lot more con­cerned about Chica­go res­i­dents attend­ing a par­ty than he was about the two murders:

Brown also remind­ed Chica­go res­i­dents to con­tin­ue to adhere to social dis­tanc­ing guide­lines amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Noth­ing has changed, Brown said. “You’re jump­ing the gun if you think it’s okay to be in small, closed confinements.”

Thanks, Offi­cer Brown. We’ll try to remem­ber to kill each oth­er from at least 6 feet away from now on.

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Duncan Coltrane

Duncan Coltrane is our resident expert on all things that go bang. Duncan's an enthusiastic 2nd Amendment advocate, but he also supports gun control (by using both hands) and background checks (carefully check the background behind your target: You don't want to get blood on your carpet or your nice new sofa).
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