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Starbucks Suffers Backlash; Promises To Comply And Undo Reinstating Previously Unmodified Prior Flip-Flop Away From The Updated Vaccine Policy After The Vaccine Mandate Ended Up Being Not Unenforced After The Supreme Court Reversed Biden’s Revision

January 26, 2022

This news item is real­ly con­fus­ing: I think the gist is that Star­bucks was plan­ning to enforce Biden’s vac­cine man­date, but when SCOTUS shot the man­date down, Star­bucks, in a rare vic­to­ry for Com­mon­sense U over Nan­ny State, decid­ed to have their stores fol­low local guide­lines and over­all just encour­age employ­ees to get vaccinated.

It’s hard to tell, though: After SCOTUS’ deci­sion, Star­bucks’ CEO said they would com­ply. With what? SCOTUS shot the man­date down. There’s noth­ing to com­ply with.

There’s also an attempt­ed boy­cott in play. Boy­cotting Star­bucks is evil and sil­ly if it’s over hol­i­day cups; if it’s about COVID it is Very Seri­ous and Impor­tant. Either way it won’t change anything.

So get out there and make a dif­fer­ence! No, I don’t know how. Fig­ure it out yourself.

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