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Texas Becomes 21st Constitutional Carry State

Remem­ber “The Adven­tures of Ralph Mell­ish,” the Mon­ty Python skit in which Ralph is walk­ing to work and noth­ing hap­pened? Behind a bush on the side of the road, there was no sev­ered arm. No dis­mem­bered trunk of a man in his late 50s. No head in a bag. Noth­ing. Not a sausage!

Ralph can add “rivers of blood in the streets” to his list of things that did­n’t happen:

Texas is about to become the 21st Con­sti­tu­tion­al car­ry state, which is quick­ly becom­ing a wel­come addi­tion for states with Shall Issue, Cas­tle Doc­trine, and Stand Your Ground laws.

MSNBC is Con­cerned. Very Con­cerned. The media, Democ­rats and left­ists in gen­er­al are all prepar­ing their clutch­ing pearls and faint­ing couches.

But they’re wast­ing their time, as peo­ple with com­mon sense already know. When­ev­er a state pass­es any of these statutes, left­ists pre­dict rivers of blood in the streets.

But the US now has 21 Con­sti­tu­tion­al Car­ry states; 37 Shall Issue states; 25 Stand Your Ground states; and 45 Cas­tle Doc­trine states.

If the pearl-clutch­ing left­ists were right, we would all have drowned in a nation­wide tsuna­mi of blood by now. You may have noticed that the rivers of blood nev­er appear, to Democ­rats’ nev­er-end­ing frus­tra­tion. Democ­rats hate it when peo­ple get to think for them­selves and don’t have to rely on the gov­ern­ment for self-defense, much less ask per­mis­sion to defend themselves.

But there’s always hope: Maybe Ralph Mell­ish can throw Democ­rats a bone and see some­thing hor­ri­ble on his way home from work, some­thing to give Democ­rats a sense of pur­pose and the chance to enact unnec­es­sary laws: some­one wear­ing a MAGA hat, or some kids with an unli­censed lemon­ade stand.

Duncan Coltrane

Duncan Coltrane is our resident expert on all things that go bang. Duncan's an enthusiastic 2nd Amendment advocate, but he also supports gun control (by using both hands) and background checks (carefully check the background behind your target: You don't want to get blood on your carpet or your nice new sofa).
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