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The NRA Pisses Everyone Off Again, But For This One Reason No One Expected

We all know the NRA is so evil that some­times Satan (him, her or oth­er pre­ferred pronoun)self calls Car­olyn Mead­ows and says, “Hey, tone it down a bit, huh?”

Case in point: To cel­e­brate Moth­er’s Day, the NRA tweet­ed a trib­ute to moth­ers with a pho­to of a woman hold­ing an AR-15 next to a lit­tle girl hold­ing what appears to be a chil­dren’s train­ing AR-15 knock­off; prob­a­bly in .22 LR.

The pho­to also says “Mama Did­n’t Raise a Vic­tim” and the tweet thanks moms who stand ready to defend them­selves and their fam­i­lies, among the mil­lion oth­er jobs moms have.

And Twit­ter decid­ed it was time for a good pan­ic­gasm/hategasm.

A cou­ple of the first respon­ders stuck with the clas­sics: Pre­tend­ing law-abid­ing gun own­ers are per­son­al­ly respon­si­ble for what­ev­er the lat­est 2nd Amend­ment pan­ic­gasm head­lines are about:

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One of the first respon­ders took the NRA to task for not acknowl­edg­ing a shoot­ing in Col­orado that hap­pened after the tweet was sent: “Six moms paid the price for your greed today,” the angry tweet­er said in ref­er­ence to a birth­day par­ty at which the boyfriend of some­one in the extend­ed fam­i­ly at the par­ty showed up, shot and killed sev­er­al peo­ple, then com­mit­ted suicide.[efn]I’d have no prob­lem with murder/suicides if the per­pe­tra­tor would just switch the order of events.[/efn]

Just for clar­i­fi­ca­tion: The NRA put togeth­er a tweet some­time last week and sched­uled it to go live Sun­day. Ear­ly Sun­day morn­ing an angry per­son killed sev­er­al people.

Lib­er­al Gun Log­ic there­fore con­cludes that if the NRA had­n’t pub­lished the tweet, noth­ing would have happened.

That kind of think­ing isn’t as effec­tive as it used to be, though, so I got to won­der­ing if there was a dif­fer­ent rea­son the NRA’s tweet pissed every­one off. And there is:

The shoot­er in Col­orado did­n’t fit the white supremacist/Trump supporter/incel/toxic mas­culin­i­ty tem­plate, so they had to tread light­ly there. And I real­ized why every­one was so upset:

The tweet uses an offen­sive, hurt­ful term: moth­er. We can’t say moth­er or mom any­more. We need to say “birthing per­son.” (No word on what we’re sup­posed to call chil­dren yet: “Gob of tis­sue,” maybe?)

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