Steamin' Pile of Memes


A lot of cyn­ics, myself includ­ed, expect­ed Biden to start dump­ing mask man­dates before the State of the Union address. And he did.

Fur­ther­more, with midterms loom­ing on the hori­zon, Democ­rats are try­ing to avoid a mas­sacre; their strat­e­gy seems to con­sist of pan­icked backpedal­ing away from mask man­dates, lock­downs and vac­cine man­dates. They’re hop­ing that by Novem­ber, they can pre­tend they made COVID go away, not that they dropped all their bul­ly­ing poli­cies to save their job.

A lot of cyn­ics, myself includ­ed, expect that not to work. Democ­rats have an amaz­ing abil­i­ty to res­cue defeat from the jaws of lib­er­ty, and it’s usu­al­ly due to their two favorite mis­takes: 1. Push­ing WAY too hard to the left, and 2. Assum­ing vot­ers are all stu­pid.

They look a lot like Quint at the end of Jaws, slid­ing help­less­ly into the shark’s mouth. Yeah; it’s gonna be a blood­bath.

Have you tried turning the vaccine off and then back on again?

All your virus are belong to us!

Oooh—dinosaurs vs. viruses? Cool!

Vaccines: How do they fucking WORK?

So we’re safe AND there will be fewer politicians? Win-win!


You get a booster and you get a booster and YOU get a booster!

No wonder he’s so unpleasant

Who’s going to eliminate this creepy stock photo guy?


This explains a lot

He’s baaack!


If you don’t trust medical science why are you giving everyone those red pills and blue pills?


You mean Omicron is rabies?


Round and round we go

Believe? I don’t even understand what the government tells me!


Daily Dumbass Award

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