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‘Nobody Told Me I Was in Charge’

Police Chief Pete Arredon­do keeps try­ing to explain why every­thing went wrong dur­ing the depart­men­t’s response to the May 24th mass shoot­ing at Robb Ele­men­tary School in Uvalde, Texas.

He should stop. The more he talks the more his entire depart­ment looks like the cast of Dumb and Dumb­er. Every word he utters makes it worse.

His lat­est excuse is that no one told him he was in charge.

I’m not sure why a police chief would need to be told he’s, well, the chief. But nev­er mind that.

Arredon­do says he entered the school with­out his radio. On pur­pose. He got to the class­room where the shoot­er was and found it locked from the inside. He was unable to kick the door open, giv­en it was a secu­ri­ty door.

So he called for back­up with his cell phone. Some more offi­cers entered the build­ing with tools to force open the door, but still could­n’t get the door open. Some­one also pro­duced a key, but it did­n’t open the door. Some­one else brought in anoth­er key. That one did­n’t work either. So they spent 40 min­utes try­ing dozens of dif­fer­ent keys and try­ing to force the door open.

Arredon­do says he did­n’t think he was in com­mand and that he did not issue any orders not to enter the build­ing, but with­out his radio he did­n’t know what was going on.

Wait a sec: He had a cell phone. Peo­ple were enter­ing and exit­ing with tools and keys. In 40 min­utes no one gave him updat­ed info? He nev­er thought to call and ask? Or ask some­one to go get his radio? Why did no one have a key?

Are these unfair ques­tions? The Uvalde police depart­ment and oth­er agen­cies who ignored more than one warn­ing about the shoot­er, and they could­n’t have han­dled the sit­u­a­tion more bad­ly if they tried. Why aren’t we hold­ing them account­able? Why are we argu­ing about gun con­trol instead?

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