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Biden’s Dog Bites Someone. Again

Major, one of Biden’s two Ger­man Shep­herds, bit a Secret Ser­vice agent a few weeks ago. So Major and Biden’s oth­er dog, Champ, were sent back to Delaware for some reme­di­al don’t-bite-peo­ple train­ing.

It did­n’t help. Major and Champ were invit­ed back to the White House week, but Major bit some­one again, and appar­ent­ly more seri­ous­ly this time.

As a White House spokesper­son put it, “Out of an abun­dance of cau­tion, the indi­vid­ual was seen by WHMU,” which sounds to me an awful lot like the indi­vid­ual was seen by WHMU because the indi­vid­ual was bit­ten by a Ger­man Shep­herd.


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