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That Gorilla Glue Incident? It Happened Because RACISM

If you’ve been under a rock or some­thing, here’s the TL;DR ver­sion: One Tes­si­ca Brown ran out of hair gel, so she sprayed Goril­la Glue on her hair.

That was her first mis­take. The sec­ond was ask­ing Tik­Tok for help (you can watch it here).

The woke/liberal/SJW types did what they always do: Find some­one to blame.

To no one’s sur­prise, they’re blam­ing sys­temic racism. It’s not some fringe group spout­ing para­noid dri­v­el; it’s gone main­stream (see links below).

It nev­er seems to occur to these woke nitwits that treat­ing minori­ties as help­less idiots who need adult super­vi­sion isn’t com­pas­sion. It’s racism.


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