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I Say We Take Off and Impeach the Entire Government From Orbit. It’s the Only Way to Be Sure

Alexan­dria Occa­sion­al-Cor­tex is a big fan of point­less failed impeach­ments: She’s already col­lect­ed two of them, and she’s chas­ing a third.

Seems Occultist-Corkscrew, no doubt encour­aged by her flaw­less record of failed impeach­ments, wants Supreme Court Jus­tice Clarence Thomas to resign or face impeach­ment. Why? Because Thomas’ wife thinks Trump should have won the elec­tion.

If Democ­rats keep smash­ing the “attempt­ed coup” and “insur­rec­tion” but­tons they’re going to turn impeach­ment into a mean­ing­less joke, and–one moment, please.

Oh! This just in: They already have. You might have noticed that even far-left media out­lets aren’t pay­ing atten­tion to this lat­est impeach­ment threat.

Still, if Occu­pa­tion-Cor­sage wants to col­lect failed impeach­ments like they’re Oscars or Gram­mys, we should cre­ate a tro­phy for her. How about Stu­pid Pol­i­tics’ very own Dai­ly Duh award? We can just rename it the Impeach­ment Par­tic­i­pa­tion Tro­phy.

Hang in there, Alert­ness Occip­i­tal-Corn­cob! Bet­ter luck next time!

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