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Free Crack Pipes! Step Right Up and Getcher Free Crack Pipes!

Daily Duh: February 6, 2022

In relat­ed news, stock pho­to ser­vices promise to pub­lish more stock pho­tos of non-white drug-relat­ed images.

In a bold move in sup­port of equi­ty, the Biden admin­is­tra­tion will start dis­trib­ut­ing free crack pipes in May.

Next year they plan to start dis­trib­ut­ing free crack.

In 2024, a new equi­ty pro­gram will raise the num­ber of drug-relat­ed deaths among under­rep­re­sent­ed eth­nic­i­ties to match the num­ber of drug-relat­ed deaths among black drug addicts.

Crit­ics of the new pro­grams are com­plain­ing that the low num­bers of drug addic­tion and drug-relat­ed deaths among Asians gives them an unfair advan­tage in col­lege appli­ca­tions, access to jobs and med­ical care. The Biden admin­is­tra­tion has promised to deny health care to ran­dom Asians, along with forc­ing them to con­sume drugs until they’re addict­ed.

Only five of the six sen­tences in the cap­tion and sen­tences above this one are made up.

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