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We Do Not Like Green Eggs, Ham, Dr. Seuss, and Getting Caught

You stay out of this!

Ever notice how some­times a news sto­ry pro­vokes the media to leap to leap to some­one’s defense? Which is gen­er­al­ly to ridicule the sto­ry that got every­one upset in the first place?

Case in point: Yes­ter­day a Vir­ginia school dis­trict was accused of cel­e­brat­ing Read Across Amer­i­ca Day (and Dr. Seuss’s birth­day) by ban­ning cer­tain Dr. Seuss books for “strong racist under­tones,” accord­ing to offi­cials who nev­er read The Sneetch­es.

CNN, CBSABC and the rest of the usu­al gang of idiots instant­ly suf­fered vio­lent fact-check pan­ic­gasms as they rushed to the school dis­tric­t’s defense.

Thanks to their brave mansplain­ing white knightery, we know now the facts:

The school dis­trict did­n’t, you know, like, real­ly BAN Dr. Seuss books. No, they’re just going to stop empha­siz­ing the books. If that sounds too stu­pid to exist, let me Google it for you.

It’s a per­fect exam­ple of dou­ble­think: “We did­n’t BAN any books; we just stopped EMPHASIZING them” is code for “We banned the books; we’re sor­ry you’re dumb enough to be upset.


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