Cancel Culture

Stand Your Ground Against Cancel Culture!

I nev­er thought I’d say this, but bra­vo Bill Maher!

Can­cel cul­ture is final­ly start­ing to wor­ry left­ists: They’re belat­ed­ly real­iz­ing that you can’t make friends with the can­celists.

You occa­sion­al­ly see a news item about some­one who owns a boa con­stric­tor or black mam­ba or Komo­do drag­on: They get to think­ing whichev­er dead­ly rep­tile they live with has got­ten fond of them over the years.

And then they get a lit­tle care­less and dis­cov­er the hard way that their dead­ly rep­tile does­n’t make friends. It’s hap­py to eat mice or goats or what­ev­er, but it’s just as hap­py to eat you.

You can’t appease can­celists. They’re like French rev­o­lu­tion guil­lo­tine addicts: They don’t care about you. They don’t care about mak­ing the world a bet­ter place. They just want to see anoth­er head roll, and the instant it does they’re eager for the next one.

So why try appeas­ing them at all? I say we do all fol­low Bill Maher’s excel­lent 3‑step method for deal­ing with can­celist idiots:

  1. Point at them.
  2. Laugh at them, and then
  3. Ignore them.

So I say again: Bra-VO, Mr. Maher!


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