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LA Times Writer’s Trump-Supporting Neighbors Had the Unmitigated Gall to Plow Her Driveway

The nerve!

Vir­ginia Hef­fer­nan, a colum­nist for Los Ange­les Times, is in a quandary:

After a heavy snow­fall, her Trump-sup­port­ing neigh­bor plowed her dri­ve­way with­out being asked. Now she’s afraid that if she thanks him, he’ll think she’s for­giv­ing him for being a Trump sup­port­er.

No, real­ly. I’m not mak­ing this up. Look, stop laugh­ing; that’s real­ly what she says.

To prove her point, she explains that her neigh­bors are just like Capi­tol riot­ers, mafiosos, Louis Far­rakhan, Hezbol­lah, Nazis, and even (bet­ter sit down for this) Blue Lives Mat­ter sup­port­ers.

Oh, the human­i­ty. I hope she can get the sup­port she des­per­ate­ly needs to deal with her PTSD.


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