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Can We Ever Escape ‘Chop Suey’ Fonts?

Daily Duh: January 12, 2022

“Here’s a thought exper­i­ment:” the arti­cle says. “Close your eyes and imag­ine the font you’d use to depict the word ‘Chi­nese.’ ”

See this Chi­nese restau­rant right here? →

CNN wants you to know that the kan­ji-styled font used on this sign, take­out box­es, chop­stick wrap­pers and so on are racist.


CNN is Deeply Con­cerned that Chi­nese-Amer­i­cans are being forced — FORCED — to use these xeno­pho­bic fonts.

To prove it, they post­ed this link in the arti­cle. It’s a site that sells Chinese/Asian take-out con­tain­ers. There are three designs avail­able: A plain white box, a box print­ed with bam­boo leaves, and a box with “chop suey” let­ter­ing:

The hor­ror.

Yep. They’re forc­ing restau­rant own­ers to… um… to choose a design they like.

We’re sup­posed to be ashamed of this, but I don’t. I am crav­ing Kung Pow Beef, though.

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