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Sean Penn: “Invite Zelenskiy to the Academy Awards or I’ll SMELT MY OSCARS!”

Earth to Jamie Lee Cur­tis: Real­ly?

Sean Penn, bless his heart, is putting his mon­ey where his mouth is: He’s been in Poland and Ukraine work­ing on a doc­u­men­tary about the plight of refugees, as opposed to singing Imag­ine or wear­ing a snazzy blue rib­bon.

You know how when­ev­er a shoot­ing inci­dent hits the news, lib­er­als sneer and say “F**k your thoughts and prayers! Go DO some­thing”? I’m wait­ing for some­one on the left to tell celebri­ties “F**k your blue rib­bons and lousy singing! Go DO some­thing!”

So kudos to Penn, to an extent: Like most oth­er folks in Hol­ly­wood, he rad­i­cal­ly over­es­ti­mates his own impor­tance.

Which is why, when he did an inter­view and chal­lenged Hol­ly­wood to go DO some­thing, he tossed in a threat: Invite Ukraine Pres­i­dent Volodymyr Zelen­skiy, via video, to speak at the Oscars, or Penn will smelt his Oscar stat­uettes.

Not sure why he thinks this is a threat–is Rus­sia going to sur­ren­der if Penn melts his Oscars?

If Penn wants to do some­thing dra­mat­ic and help, why not melt his Oscars and sell the gold?

Bet­ter yet, since there isn’t much gold in an Oscar, maybe Penn would raise a lot more mon­ey if he auc­tioned off his Oscars to the high­est bid­ders and donat­ed the pro­ceeds.

Penn admit­ted he did­n’t know if Zelen­skiy would accept an invi­ta­tion to appear, but if Hol­ly­wood did­n’t at least try to invite him, it would be “the most obscene moment in all of Hol­ly­wood his­to­ry.”

Tall order.

Any­way, Zelen­skiy did­n’t get invit­ed. Your move, Sean.

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