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Piers Morgan Discovers Free Speech

There’s an old say­ing: “A lib­er­al is just a con­ser­v­a­tive who has­n’t been mugged yet.”

There’s a new­er say­ing: “Don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.”

This is the sec­ond time this week that I’ve had the unex­pect­ed plea­sure of cheer­ing for a lib­er­al:

Piers Mor­gan was a diehard lib­er­al, but then he got mugged—or as we call it these days, can­celed: Dur­ing his show Good Morn­ing Britain he com­mit­ted the grave sin of say­ing he did­n’t believe some of the things Meghan Markle said about the roy­al fam­i­ly.

Well, we can’t have any­one refus­ing to kiss Markle’s ass, can we? Not after that soul-sear­ing inter­view she did with Oprah!

So the MMMs and SJWs and WWPs rushed to Markle’s defense and demand­ed Mor­gan apol­o­gize.

He did­n’t, mak­ing the rather obvi­ous point that he was as enti­tled to his opin­ion as any­one else.

So Good Morn­ing Britain threw him under the bus. A quaint, bright red dou­ble-deck­er bus, but a bus nonethe­less.

Then Sharon Osbourne, on an episode of The Talk, com­mit­ted the equal­ly vile sin of say­ing she sup­port­ed Piers, and that fir­ing him for express­ing his opin­ion was­n’t fair.

And then Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Under­wood engaged in a friend­ly, respect­ful dis­cus­sion about free speech and…

Just kid­ding! Sheryl Under­wood erupt­ed into a froth­ing, spit­tle-spew­ing attack of the shriek­ing fan­tods over Osbourne, quote, “giv­ing val­i­da­tion or a safe haven to some­thing [Mor­gan] has uttered that is racist!”

So The Talk threw Osbourne under the bus too.

At this point Mor­gan and Osbourne were expect­ed to grov­el and beg for­give­ness and promise to embark on a long, soul-search­ing dis­cov­ery of their gen­er­al rot­ten­ness, then dis­ap­pear for a few months, then appear on a some talk shows to talk about their redemp­tion so every­one could com­mend their courage.

But they did­n’t. Mor­gan did­n’t dis­ap­pear; he jumped right back into the fray like Wolver­ine, slash­ing one flim­sy social con­struct after anoth­er to pieces.

Bet­ter yet: He did­n’t com­plain about how he’d been treat­ed; he sav­aged CBS (which he called Cow­ard­ly Broad­cast­ing Sys­tem) for the way they’d treat­ed Sharon Osbourne.

Not to over­state it, but we’ve all seen rants online, right? Of course, but how about a rant from a furi­ous, artic­u­late jour­nal­ist who’s far more intel­li­gent than the pusil­lan­i­mous poltroons who caved when it was time for them to step up? Hell, it’s not like he want­ed them to hit the beach­es at Nor­mandy; he just want­ed them to grow some BB-sized balls and ignore the MMMs, SJWs and WWPs, who have no pow­er unless we give it to them.

This is what hap­pens when a lib­er­al gets mugged and real­izes how pre­cious free speech real­ly is. Lemme share that link again: You real­ly need to read Mor­gan’s rant. We tend to for­get that the Brits were the first to stand up against Nazi Ger­many even though Ger­many had occu­pied France and were posi­tioned only 21 miles away across the Eng­lish Chan­nel.

But Piers Mor­gan has­n’t for­got­ten. And he deserves a lengthy stand­ing ova­tion for refus­ing to play the CCists’ game and instead triple-dog dar­ing them to put up or shut up.

Last month Gina Cara­no Tweet­ed that she was trou­bled by Dr. Seuss’ estate pulling six of his books out of pro­duc­tion; it remind­ed her of the way Nazi Ger­many burned books they did­n’t like.

Some­how, say­ing Nazis are bad turned into anti­semitism (still try­ing to fig­ure that one out). Also lib­er­als scoffed about how sil­ly it was to get upset over such a triv­ial non-issue, while at the same time flam­ing Cara­no for dar­ing to think for her­self on such a crit­i­cal issue (still try­ing to fig­ure that out too). So Dis­ney boot­ed her out of their series The Man­dalo­ri­an.

But Cara­no also refused to play the game: Instead of apol­o­giz­ing and grov­el­ing, she land­ed a job pro­duc­ing and star­ring in a new movie project. And instead of com­plain­ing about how unfair it all was, she said, “They can’t can­cel us if we don’t let them.”

This isn’t a case of “The Emper­or has no clothes!” It’s a case of “The Emper­or isn’t an Emper­or; he’s just a men­tal­ly ill old man run­ning around naked.”

If this keeps up I’ll have to start a list of Bravos: Bra­vo to Gina Cara­no, Bill Maher, Piers Mor­gan and Sharon Osbourne!

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