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Texas Becomes 21st Constitutional Carry State

Remem­ber “The Adven­tures of Ralph Mell­ish,” the Mon­ty Python skit in which Ralph is walk­ing to work and noth­ing hap­pened? Behind a bush on the side of the road, there was no sev­ered arm. No dis­mem­bered trunk of a man in his late 50s. No head in a bag. Noth­ing. Not a sausage!

Ralph can add “rivers of blood in the streets” to his list of things that did­n’t hap­pen:

Texas is about to become the 21st Con­sti­tu­tion­al car­ry state, which is quick­ly becom­ing a wel­come addi­tion for states with Shall Issue, Cas­tle Doc­trine, and Stand Your Ground laws.

MSNBC is Con­cerned. Very Con­cerned. The media, Democ­rats and left­ists in gen­er­al are all prepar­ing their clutch­ing pearls and faint­ing couch­es.

But they’re wast­ing their time, as peo­ple with com­mon sense already know. When­ev­er a state pass­es any of these statutes, left­ists pre­dict rivers of blood in the streets.

But the US now has 21 Con­sti­tu­tion­al Car­ry states; 37 Shall Issue states; 25 Stand Your Ground states; and 45 Cas­tle Doc­trine states.

If the pearl-clutch­ing left­ists were right, we would all have drowned in a nation­wide tsuna­mi of blood by now. You may have noticed that the rivers of blood nev­er appear, to Democ­rats’ nev­er-end­ing frus­tra­tion. Democ­rats hate it when peo­ple get to think for them­selves and don’t have to rely on the gov­ern­ment for self-defense, much less ask per­mis­sion to defend them­selves.

But there’s always hope: Maybe Ralph Mell­ish can throw Democ­rats a bone and see some­thing hor­ri­ble on his way home from work, some­thing to give Democ­rats a sense of pur­pose and the chance to enact unnec­es­sary laws: some­one wear­ing a MAGA hat, or some kids with an unli­censed lemon­ade stand.

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