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Starbucks Suffers Backlash; Promises To Comply And Undo Reinstating Previously Unmodified Prior Flip-Flop Away From The Updated Vaccine Policy After The Vaccine Mandate Ended Up Being Not Unenforced After The Supreme Court Reversed Biden’s Revision

Daily Duh: January 26, 2022

This news item is real­ly con­fus­ing: I think the gist is that Star­bucks was plan­ning to enforce Biden’s vac­cine man­date, but when SCOTUS shot the man­date down, Star­bucks, in a rare vic­to­ry for Com­mon­sense U over Nan­ny State, decid­ed to have their stores fol­low local guide­lines and over­all just encour­age employ­ees to get vac­ci­nat­ed.

It’s hard to tell, though: After SCOTUS’ deci­sion, Star­bucks’ CEO said they would com­ply. With what? SCOTUS shot the man­date down. There’s noth­ing to com­ply with.

There’s also an attempt­ed boy­cott in play. Boy­cotting Star­bucks is evil and sil­ly if it’s over hol­i­day cups; if it’s about COVID it is Very Seri­ous and Impor­tant. Either way it won’t change any­thing.

So get out there and make a dif­fer­ence! No, I don’t know how. Fig­ure it out your­self.

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