Everything Is Racist!Steamin' Pile of Memes

Straight Black Men: The White People of Black People

Lost your car keys? RACISM! Star­bucks horked up your Peaber­ry Mac­chi­a­to Breve With Two Squirts of Sug­ar-Free Hazel­nut? WHITE SUPREMACY!

There’s an old say­ing about when your only tool is a ham­mer, every prob­lem looks like a nail. Left­ists are about as smart as a box of ham­mers, so that makes sense: If you view every­thing through the lens of race, you’re racist. Guess who can’t fig­ure that out?

If you’re a left­ist, all your tools are racism, all your prob­lems are white suprema­cy, your jock itch is white priv­i­lege, and wear­ing a jock­strap instead of panties is misog­y­ny, and when you go to the store to get some Tin­actin for your white priv­i­lege jock itch, you’re storm­ing the Capi­tol.

Looks like we should all just give up hope, so you might as well scroll down and enjoy this week’s Steamin’ Pile of Memes: Every­thing is racist!


Next up: The cli­mate move­ment is also racist! Wait, what?

The white peo­ple of black peo­ple? WTF does that even mean?


Stu­dent loans: White suprema­cist!


Clos­ing schools? Racist!


No, wait: Reopen­ing schools is racist!


Col­lege: It’s racist! Water: Also racist! Stay­ing hydrat­ed: racist!


Not sure what BIPOC means, but it’s racist unless it’s biased against white peo­ple? My brain hurts!


You know that huge float­ing island of trash out in the Pacif­ic? If Angry­Black­La­dy has her way, it’ll be white men, not plas­tic.


Yoga! Yoga is for white suprema­cists!


The Mediter­ranean Diet: White suprema­cy!


Slav­ery caused COVID!


Neck­ties! They’re evil white man acces­sories! I kind of agree with this one, actu­al­ly; I hate ties.


In sum­ma­tion: All white peo­ple are racist.




Daily Dumbass Award

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