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Red Flag Laws Prevented a Mass Shooting. That’s Why They Don’t Work!

Today’s Dai­ly Duh­mass award goes, as it so often does, to Left­ist Gun Log­ic!

Let’s say you live across the street from a fire sta­tion. One day your house catch­es fire. The fire­fight­ers are sit­ting around on lawn chairs in their dri­ve­way, drink­ing beer and grilling some burg­ers. So you run across the street and beg them to help but they ignore you.

Some­one with three or four brain cells to rub togeth­er would be storm­ing city hall and demand­ing they crack down hard on the lazy fire­fight­ers. Your tax dol­lars pay fire­fight­ers’ salaries and by cracky, they need to do their job!

That’s not what Democ­rats would do. Democ­rats would point at the smol­der­ing heap of what used to be your home, blame you for the fire, and attempt to out­law res­i­den­tial nat­ur­al gas and elec­tric­i­ty.

So it should­n’t be a sur­prise that when a red flag statute stopped a mass shoot­er, the media and usu­al Demo­c­ra­t­ic sus­pects’ response isn’t to praise the cops for a job well done, along with the mantra, “If you see some­thing, say some­thing.”

Nope; they’re still just clutch­ing their pearls over firearms and ammo being avail­able to us, the great unwashed.

Con­grats, Left­ist Gun Logi­cians! At this rate, you’re going to need a stor­age unit to hold all your Dai­ly Duh­mass awards!

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