Acute Failure of the Victim Selection Process

Hey Bad Guys: We Don’t Need Guns to Kill You

Has­ta so lon­ga, Mr. Car­jack­er!

Acute fail­ure of the vic­tim selec­tion process: It’s a term we more often use to refer to bad guys dumb enough to pick an armed per­son to assault.

But as an unnamed woman proved in Char­lottesville, VA, you don’t need a gun to dis­patch a bad guy: one Edward F. Ander­son, 42, who tried to car­jack the unnamed woman.

No word on whether the woman is a gun own­er, but it did­n’t mat­ter: She ran over him and killed him.

Good for her. Any­one who refus­es to pro­vide a safe work­ing envi­ron­ment for bad guys gets two thumbs up from us!

Put your hands together for this carjacker, today's prestigious Daily Dumbass Award winner! Daily Duh Award
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