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BLM Encounters a Real Live Good Guy With a Gun

Aren’t these Good Guys With Guns ever going to real­ize they don’t exist?

A BLM/Antifa mob showed up at a Louisville restau­rant to con­front patrons. Why? Accord­ing to com­ments, maybe some­thing to do with the Ken­tucky Der­by? It’s not clear.

But who cares? Let’s get the protest/riot under­way; we’ll fig­ure out why some oth­er time. I spot­ted at least two armed pro­test­ers in the video. Rock and roll.

The restau­rant patrons, though, decid­ed they did­n’t want a riot with their meal and said so. Looks as if most of the patrons who scared off the riot­ers were Hon­est-to-AARP old farts, at least one of whom was also a Good Guy With a Gun.

Hon­or­able men­tion: The restau­rant employ­ee who got right in the pro­test­ers’ faces and told them to go pre­tend to be scary some­where else. I say we bestow upon her an hon­orary Old Fart diplo­ma.

The BLM riot­er-wannabes sud­den­ly real­ized they weren’t in Port­land; there was no sym­pa­thet­ic may­or or gov­er­nor to order police to stand down. So they got smart and left.

Nev­er bring a BLM riot to an Old Fart fight.

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