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US Media and Big Tech Still Suppressing ‘Lab-Leak’ Theory About COVID Escaping a Lab in China

That pesky “lab-leak” the­o­ry about COVID escap­ing a Chi­nese research lab just won’t go away, no mat­ter how angri­ly Chi­na denies it. When those rumors start­ed to cir­cu­late, Democ­rats, the MMMs and big tech scram­bled to squash it by scoff­ing at it, refus­ing to report on it, an delet­ing any hint of it from social media.

Evi­dence is mount­ing, though, that a lab in Chi­na was sequenc­ing virus­es for vac­ci­nol­o­gy research, and COVID escaped the lab thanks to improp­er con­tain­ment pro­ce­dures.

Democ­rats and their MMMs are fol­low­ing their estab­lished pro­ce­dure for issues like this: Deny it until it’s impos­si­ble to ignore, then change their mes­sag­ing overnight.

Remem­ber how mask­ing and social dis­tanc­ing were still strict­ly nec­es­sary, even after folks were vac­ci­nat­ed? Until Biden abrupt­ly announced they weren’t nec­es­sary? With the media cheer­ing him on?

Democ­rats and the media are about to abrupt­ly reverse their stance on the lab-leak the­o­ry in just the same way. It’s already start­ing:

Just yes­ter­day WaPo called the issue “the vex­ing ‘lab leak’ the­o­ry,” as if they’re try­ing to debate Flat Earth­ers.

Today they’re say­ing “the lab-leak the­o­ry sud­den­ly became plau­si­ble.”

No it did­n’t. It’s been plau­si­ble all along. Democ­rats, the media and the left spent the last 18 months pre­tend­ing it’s a loony con­spir­a­cy the­o­ry, but now that they can’t, they’re going to pre­tend they fear­less­ly sought the truth all along until they hero­ical­ly found it.

And sad­ly, they’ll prob­a­bly get away with it again.

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