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Whoopi Threatens to Quit The View

Daily Duh: February 2, 2022

Word has it Whoopi Gold­berg is livid about being sus­pend­ed. As we men­tioned yes­ter­day, Whoopi said some­thing stu­pid about The Holo­caust, then made it worse with an “I’m sor­ry you’re stu­pid” apol­o­gy, then was sus­pend­ed for two weeks by ABC News pres­i­dent Kim God­win before she could wreak any more hav­oc.

(We also thought it was amus­ing that Whoopi said some­thing stu­pid about Nazis and was sus­pend­ed by Kim GODWIN—she was lit­er­al­ly God­winned.)

As for Whoop­i’s threat to quit, we close this mis­sive in the immor­tal words of Curly Bill Bro­cius:


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