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Pelosi’s Going to Jail?!?!!

I nev­er thought it would hap­pen! Nan­cy Pelosi’s head­ed to jail? And all her con­tacts and clout in Wash­ing­ton did­n’t do her any good? This is am–

What? It’s her hus­band going to jail? For a DUI?

Poop. Seems Paul Pelosi’s Porsche col­lid­ed with anoth­er car back in May, total­ing both cars. And his sen­tence is one day in jail, com­mut­ed to one day’s com­mu­ni­ty ser­vice.

And get this: He’ll pay “upwards of $1,700 in fines.” If Paul Pelosi’s plight does­n’t make you weep, you’re not human.

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