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It's May 17, 2021: Who's generating the biggest Mass of Duh today?

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The Party of Science Strikes Again

Oh, those scamps over in The Par­ty of Science!

First they said we had to wear masks; then they got to pros­e­cut­ing peo­ple for vio­lat­ing lock­downs; then they decid­ed peace­ful protesters did­n’t need to wear masks while they riot­ed, loot­ed and burned things down; then they pre­tend­ed Joe Biden devel­oped the COVID vac­cine and start­ed vac­ci­nat­ing folks dur­ing his first week in office.

Then when the vac­cines were proven to be safe and effec­tive, they told us to keep mask­ing up for some rea­son. Until last week, when Biden made it safe to stop mask­ing and social dis­tanc­ing overnight.

And now, after all that, they’re still mask­ing themselves.

Case in point: AOC, one of the genius­es in The Squad, says she’s going to keep on mask­ing herself.

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Guys, if you’re gonna take cred­it for the vac­cine maybe you should show some con­fi­dence in it.

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